When running a business, you have to keep your technology up-to-date. That includes the programs running on your computers. Mozilla Firefox has a new update called Firefox 115. This update doesn't support older operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and some macOS versions. You could face big risks online if your business still uses these old operating systems.


What About Automatic Updates?

Firefox will move users to the latest version automatically, but this will only work for operating systems that Firefox still supports. Businesses using outdated Windows and macOS versions won't get these automatic updates.

Why You Need to Update Your System

Updating your system is important for keeping your business safe online. Here's why:

  • Better Security. Updating helps your computer defend against hackers. Cyber-criminals always find new ways to disrupt computer systems. By updating your operating system to a supported version, you'll get new tools to help safeguard your business.
  • Access New Features. With each update, you get new and improved features. For example, the latest update from Firefox makes using your keyboard and changing your screen layout easier.
  • Smooth Operations. Not updating your software can cause problems. Your computer might crash, or your software might not work well together. Updating keeps everything running smoothly, so you can work without problems.
  • Meet Industry Standards. In many businesses, you have to use the latest software. Some regulations state you must use the most current software to keep valuable information safe.
  • Stay Competitive. Technology always changes. Keeping up with these changes means your business won't fall behind. Plus, new software usually works best with updated systems.

Managing the Change

Here are some tips to help you move to the new Firefox version:

  • Check which systems you're using and see if any need to be updated.
  • Plan how to move to a supported system. This might mean setting a timeline and budget.
  • Let your team know why this change is important and how it affects their work.

Being Safe Means Staying Updated

Ignoring the Firefox update puts your business at risk as you leave your operations open to online threats. This update is about more than just getting new features. It's about keeping your business safe in a world that depends increasingly on digital tech. Stay current, stay updated, and, most importantly, stay safe. Your business relies on it.

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